Soul of the City

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If the Water Spiral were a debutante, April 14th was most certainly her coming out ball! Shortlisted from over 4o community based projects in the City, our proposal was one of eight selected to be “presented” at the 10th Soul of the City Speaker Series at Vertigo Theatre. The impending event was a perfect way for us to clarify and refine her details, making her truly presentable to a larger audience for the very first time.

Lane invested hours of time on the digital design, creating a beautiful, polished formal to show her off in. Michelena wrote notes and gathered images for the Power Point that would hopefully translate our intentions to the full crowd in a mere four minutes!

After meeting other guests, dignitaries, and media, our wait in the wings began. There were crosswords, pacing, snacks and silent practice as young philanthropist, Sheliza Kassam gave her keynote address first. And then we got the go signal! Much like any big event, the actual moment was a bit of a blur, marked by blinding lights, nerves, and a little sigh of relief when over.

As part of this special grant opportunity from the Calgary Foundation and Calgary Economic Development, the top 5 would now be voted on by audience members. All projects were so impressive and vital for their communities, we did not envy  the audience but were thrilled when our project was called! You can see the other recipients here and also later this fall as we all will be featured in a documentary film about community captured by the amazing team at Freshwater Creative.

Many congratulatory hugs and handshakes later, we continued celebrations with Village Brewery, a fun photo booth and live music in the Vertigo lobby. Post prom, the Wildwood Water Spiral is now an officially launched and lauded member of Calgary society. We hope you continue to follow her evolution here and on our Facebook page or come on over to Wildwood anytime after May 24th.


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