Lyncorp Road Trip

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It’s hard to beat an early spring drive heading South of Calgary, hot coffee in hand, sun hitting the snowy peaks accompanying us in the passenger window. That’s exactly what we were treated to as we headed toward High River to visit Lyncorp Manufacturing, a fabrication plant that will be a helpful resource as we attain materials and engineering for the Water Spiral. The technicalities of the design are becoming apparent as we progress and determine what specs are needed to bring the mechanics of Lanes plan to life.

Touring the new facility with huge specialized equipment and state of the art machinery in full operation was pretty impressive, but true to scavenger nature, it was the outside refuse piles and extra bins that really peaked our interest! Some great pipes for the central post were spied, and  great connections with the experienced staff will be indespensible as Water Spiral grows.

No Alberta road trip would be complete without a stop at a desolate prairie church, so thats exactly what we did next, returning to Calgary with a taste of the past as we look to the future and erecting something new.






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